Growing Up

Before Marriage

After Marriage

     I am a woman

       I am a wife

         I am a mom

           I am a musician

             I am a photographer

               I am a writer

                 I love people

                   I love animals

                     I love finding love in others

     I look back at all these pictures and wonder, "Why was I picked on?  Why was I teased so relentlessly? Why did I not defend myself?" 

    I was a cute little girl, but awkward and definitely not athletic.  I could swim rather well, but never had the stamina to go very long. As my age demanded longer distances, the worse I placed at swim meets.  

     After high school, I was ready to get out of town.  Joining the Army Reserves was the most convenient ticket.  I could have waited for college in the fall, but the urge to "get out" was strong.

     I joined under the split option program.  I did basic training, a year of college, then AIT and back to college. I have many crazy college stories to tell, but that's for another book. 

     I started my masters at Temple University and ended up Marrying the love of my life.  Dale and I have two beautiful and successful children, Rachel and Ryan.  I miss having them around. 

       Now I spend my time taking pictures, writing books and basically trying new ways of doing more writing.

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