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Creativity strikes in many different ways. When I created Jazzy's first photo album, I never thought it would turn into 22 more books, a love of writing, and a life as an author. 

With the help of my supportive husband and family, I have the privilege of living out my passion to write. 

The writing journey isn't an easy one. Manuscripts never seem to be done, even years after you write, "The End." Critique partners and editors demand you slash pages of of hard written words. Failure can be your only friend. 

Becoming an overnight success rarely happens in the publishing world. It takes hard work, patience, resilience, dedication, and courage. 

I am still working on it.  

An Author's Journey


02-08-2024 Sonja presented to the Gadsden Rotary Club about her writing journey with Jazzy.


01-09-2024 Valentines. Subscribe to my Jazzy's Books site and request a Valentine for your child. They will receive a Valentine from Jazzy in the mail.

01-12-2023 Holiday Cards: Subscribe to Jazzy's Books and request a card for your child. A Holiday card of your choice will be sent in the mail.


06-2023 I moved to Alabama 


10/23/2022 My story, The Letter Opener, is published on 101Words.


9/15/2022 My latest short story has been published in an anthology! 

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