I am an author living in Smithfield, Virginia. I began my career with a photo book of my dog Jazzy's first year of life. Soon, I was using photos of my crazy pup for all kinds of children's books.  Click the Jazzy's Books link below to learn more. 

I want to do more with my writing.  I love rhyme and writing short stories.  I've been telling stories my entire life. Whether it was to get out of doing dishes or to evade being blamed for something, I told stories. 

Currently, I am working on three longer works.  I wouldn't get anywhere, though, without the help of other writers.  I belong to two wonderful organizations which have educated me, introduced me to other writers, and provided me roads I could choose to follow in my writing journey.  Check out the links above. 

Self-publishing is not the easiest way to be an author, but it's the path I chose. Would I say no to traditional publishing? Not at all.  Unfortunately, I let self-doubt sway me into "doing it myself".  But writing is not as solitary as it is portrayed to be.  Sure, actually putting the words on paper can be done anywhere. I am imagining a fully stocked, air-conditioned cabin near a lake in the spring. I have all the time I need to write my novel. 

With that pipe-dream out of the way, we can say that, though putting words to paper is an author's personal journey, getting those words out into the world takes a team.  The team is usually set in the traditional world, but in the independent world, you have to find members of your own to critique your work, give you advice, and tell you the truth about your work.  It isn't always easy to hear, but it's worth listening to in the end. 

I am happy to share any knowledge I have of publishing.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. 

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